Community Benefits

There are very real environmental and community benefits to be gained from this project.

The project will result in a net increase of 1,293 trees on the course. The understorey will be infinitely more biodiverse with the planting of a rich array of 500,000 native plants endemic to the Eastern Suburbs, in addition to those that regenerate naturally.

Setting an example for other golf courses, and other open spaces, to develop more environmentally sensitive approaches to landscape development and management.

Royal Sydney’s Australian Golf Digest course ranking has declined from 4th to 48th. By regaining its former status, RSGC can contribute to the community through the attraction of major golf events.

A 20% reduction in water use, saving 73 million litres per year (equivalent of over 29 Olympic swimming pools).

An opportunity, at no cost to the public, to implement approaches to the restoration and maintenance of coastal heathland environments in urban Sydney including seed collection and natural regeneration experiments, partnerships.

Improved biodiversity, control of aggressive and invasive species, provision of wildlife corridors, restored bushland, contribution to the community’s understanding and valuing of biodiversity and providing habitat for birds, insects and fauna species.

A significant reduction in chemicals and fertilizers.