Proposed Changes

Course Renovation and Landscape Rehabilitation

Central to the proposal is the bold, forward-thinking concept to return the course to its original coastal heathland environment; restoring the natural ‘sense of place’ and connecting with the growing broader community concern for high quality environmental management.

It will require some ‘sacrifice’ in the early years, especially with the understandably emotive issue of tree removal. However, short term pain will result in major long term gains. It is proposed that 595 trees be removed from the property and be replaced with 1,888 new trees of very diverse native species – resulting in an actual net increase of 1,293 trees on the course itself.

The understorey will be infinitely more biodiverse with the planting of a rich array of 500,000 native plants endemic to the Eastern Suburbs, in addition to those that regenerate naturally. Water consumption, along with chemical and fertiliser usage, will be significantly reduced. Simultaneously, the course should regain its position as one of the top Australian golf courses.

Some Key Facts

The principles in the new design feature improved biodiversity, control of aggressive and invasive flora species, provision of wildlife corridors, restored bushland, a contribution to the broader community’s understanding and valuing of biodiversity and providing habitat for birds, insects and other fauna species.
Currently, there are 30 different species of trees, plants, shrubs and grasses across the course. This will be increased to 94 different native species (some rare and endangered), featuring different hues, textures and year-round flowering – which will more than triple the flora biodiversity on the site. Importantly, it will bring back the ecological connectivity that has been lost due to the decline in the critical understorey planting.
The trees removed will be replaced by Australian natives, including species such as Sydney Peppermint, Scribbly Gum, Red Bloodwood, Angophora, Coastal Banksia and Old Man Banksia.
The project provides an opportunity, at no cost to the public, to implement approaches to the restoration and maintenance of coastal heathland environments in urban Sydney – including seed collection and natural regeneration experiments.


Course Master Plan

This diagram shows the proposed layout of the new golf course.


This diagram illustrates all trees currently existing on the property. 


This diagram illustrates the trees proposed to be removed from the property.


This diagram illustrates all new trees to be planted.


This diagram illustrates all trees on the property at the completion of the project.


Before and After

View from the 10th Tee

View across the 5th, 7th and 12th fairways to the 13th hole

Vista over the 13th fairway

Views across the 2nd and 9th fairways

Views down the 2nd fairway and across the 9th fairway

View from the 4th tee

Overlooking 18th green